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Digiscoping - Using your Spotting Scope, and camera, in combination, to view or capture zoomed-in images


Topic Digiscoping

This is a work in progress, but I hope my efforts will spur interests of others in using this actually fairly simple technology.


Briefly, Digiscoping is nothing more than having a camera attached to your spotting scope, to record or view zoomed in images.

The camera can be anything from your smart phone, to a point and shoot camera, to a full blown DSLR high quality camera. There are various mounts for such applications.  Again, anything from very simple and inexpensive, to complex and costly. It all depends on  your needs and desires.

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Spotting Scope mounted to Bracket and Tripod
Making custom bolt to fasten Bracket to Scope
Making Bracket to hold Spotting Scope to Tripod Mount
Adjusting camera to line up with Eyepiece of scope
Spacer Addition between Bracket and Spotting Scope
Earlier setup, with digital camera, and prior tripod
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